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Revaders - Android Apps on Google Play

I just released an update to revaders to now include sound. Used a replica MOOG synthesizer to create the sound. Next up is increase gameplay, and add starter instructions. Only on android currently. Haven’t found anyone willing to port it yet.

If you haven’t seen revaders, its my first game in many years, and I used this concept to try and learn the PlayN framework in general, and Android game development in specifics. 

Also, leave any comments and suggestions on my main website (



Developing for Android

Lots of stuff today on developing for Android. The official blog gives us this post. And some general good insight can be found here from Android Central. 

Key thing some devs miss is that you need ‘both’, screen resolution and physical size in order to figure out what ‘size’ things need to be. Some devs have only looked at resolution. 

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